HUNT: Securing the Commercial Sector Since 2013 - Hear from root9B at Cyber Security Chicago

Wednesday August 30 2017

The current approach of cybersecurity is not working. This has been made abundantly clear by the media reports of a multitude of recent events and breaches (and other incidents not publicly reported). The damage caused by these events has affected every business sector: energy, retail, manufacturing, finance, medical, insurance, private and public.

The current landscape of cyber victims is not negligent or unsophisticated. In most cases victims adhere to all compliance, regulatory, and industry standard practices. While these defensive measures are important, they are inadequate, especially when pitted against a patient, well-resourced Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) whose sophisticated techniques far outpace standard automated solutions. The issue is less about the organization’s cyber investment, capability, or security infrastructure than it is about the current defensive practice used for cyber defense. Today’s network defenders rely on traditional passive defense and automation. That said, adversaries are applying advanced techniques, orchestrating attacks, and actively targeting victims.

Adversaries find and exploit the gaps in defenses that rely solely on automated tools. Firewalls, security sensors, telemetry tools, and post-incident response protocols are no match for them. The only effective counter is another human being who stands in opposition to the APT’s malicious activities. This trained and equipped defender must serve as the centerpiece of the organization’s cyber defense strategy. This defender must occupy the center of cyber defense while leveraging advanced technology to meet and defeat the human adversary residing in the uncontested network space.

root9B has developed a new cyber defense approach focused on Active Adversary Pursuit (HUNT). Their HUNT technique has been honed through cyber operations and training both within the Department of Defense and commercial community.

This new cyber defense protocol of active, Manned Information Security, informed by relevant and specific threat intelligence, is necessary to halt the adversary’s current freedom of maneuver in the defender’s networks. This will empower network defense teams to expose and predict network attack vectors that currently go undetected by automated and passive security technologies.

Learn how organizations within the cyber community are embracing the future that HUNT provides with Mike Morris, root9B’s CTO, at Cyber Security Chicago 10/18/17.

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