Company Profile

ERCOM is a trusted developer of Cyber Security products for secure Enterprise and Government communications. Our solutions include Cryptobox, the most advanced and secure Enterprise-grade Data Centric Collaboration product available today, and Cryptopass, our secure mobile messaging and communications application.

CryptoBox enables easy and secure user management of document sharing and chat for inter and intra-organization work flows. State-of-the-art use of Data Segregation, End-to-End encryption, Blockchain and Notarized Chains of Custody protects data and users in the Cloud and on any device, while enabling traceability and audit-ability.

Cryptopass is an Enterprise-grade application for securing professional communications on mobile devices. Cryptopass enables users to collaborate safely and efficiently with colleagues and trusted partners using secure IM, voice, video and file transfer seamlessly.

White paper

Next Gen Collaboration: Data Segregation and Forensic Chain of Custody
In this whitepaper, we examine how the next generation of cloud-based collaboration tools can leverage Data Segregation, state-of-the-art Encryption and Blockchain technology to deliver the security and traceability required by today's enterprises.

2017_10 Audit Teams Data Segregation Forensic Chain Custody.pdf 1.00 MB