Adopting an Automation-First Strategy for Identity and Access Management

Cloud, Mobile & IAM Theatre

Wed 26th Sep 01:40 to 02:10

Process automation within an IAM environment can be challenging. Many systems that excel at governance and certification tasks are simply not well suited for automation. Many organizations believe their requirements are simply too unique to be automated and/or their existing home grown solutions will suffice. A thorough data cleanup is often advocated for before automation technologies are deployed however this is the wrong approach as such technologies can actually help with the data cleansing effort. In this session we will explore many aspects of IAM automation and deliver concrete recommendations towards achieving the goal of identity management automation.

What you will take away from this session

  • Learn the myths surrounding IAM automation endeavors
  • Learn why do organizations not fully embrace automation strategies
  • What makes automation such a difficult proposition?
  • Adopt an Automation First philosophy in IAM


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Bryan Christ Bryan Christ View Profile