When cloud migrations become an annual event, what does it mean for IAM, PAM and audit?

Cloud, Mobile & IAM Theatre

Wed 26th Sep 11:30 to 12:00

With the fast pace of development, companies are continually re-assessing which cloud infrastructures provide the most dynamic provisioning for their business units. Both enterprises and SMBs must constantly review how to balance cost and efficiency when choosing how to best manage their cloud.

With public cloud price plans moving quickly, the technology for live migrations is also tantalizingly close to becoming frictionless. Keeping control of this shifting sand of technology stacks while keeping your business units under control poses new challenges for all who are involved in IAM, PAM, cloud provisioning, or audit.

What you will take away from this session

  • Cross cloud platform Live Migration tools are ALMOST production ready. Are you?
  • Cloud usage and procurement changes are driven by cost, not by IT operations considerations.
  • Cloud IAM solutions are primarily vendor ecosystem specific.
  • Procurement and vendor selection must drive you to multiple, concurrent cloud platform IAM/PAM tooling. Annual retraining makes no sense.


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David Dingwall David Dingwall View Profile