The Cyber Hack with SentinelOne

Cyber Hack Theatre

Thu 27th Sep 09:30 to 10:20

Ransomware attacks continue to be popular among cyber criminals looking to compromise unsuspecting corporate networks. And it all happens at the endpoint. In a recent Enterprise Risk Index, fileless attacks rose 94% in the first half of the year, including exponential growth in PowerShell attacks.
Learn how to defend your businesses where traditional AVs could not. SentinelOne's next-generation AV behavioral engines will help you understand and respond if there is ever a threat.

What you will take away from this session

  • Demonstrate methods via endpoint red team and attack frameworks
  • Showcase SentinelOne's ability to detect 77% executables and 90% documents where other threat intelligence and reputation services have failed
  • Explain the latest ransomware trends and response options for end users


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Jared Phipps Jared Phipps View Profile