Threats Don’t Kill Networks – People Do

Cyber Hack Theatre

Wed 26th Sep 11:30 to 12:10

Network security technology can often feel like it’s a hamster wheel, constantly turning just to keep up with the latest attacks. But, chasing after each threat, piling signatures into endpoint detection and response systems, and other archaic approaches just doesn’t cut it any more. And, with the growth of unmanaged devices like phones, tables, appliances and Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets, the network often is the only place where sensing and enforcement can be done consistently. Advances in behavioral monitoring, analytics and machine learning are converging, enabling security to go beyond the old black-and-white, threat-centric approach of separating activities into “good” and “bad.” Now, security is becoming context-based, addressing the fuzzy “gray” area where today’s greatest productivity and greatest risks are found.

What you will take away from this session

  • How to take a modern risk-adaptive approach connecting and protecting your people and data.
  • How network security products are making it easier to understand people’s intent


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David LePage David LePage View Profile