Using Home-Court Advantage to Transform Your Security Approach

The Keynote Theatre

Thu 27th Sep 10:50 to 11:20

When it comes to cyber security, the attacker is in an advantageous position. Defense is harder than offense and we’re fighting an asymmetrical battle. But we do have one piece of information the attacker doesn’t. We have exclusive knowledge of how our apps and data should behave on our own infrastructure. This knowledge can be used to create a home-court advantage that gives us crucial leverage and reduces our attack surface.
Find out how the unique properties of cloud and mobile can be used to enable new security models never before possible – providing critical insights for that home court advantage.

What you will take away from this session

  • Learn how modernization of IT is changing security challenges and how we need to think differently
  • Learn how we can use cloud and mobility to change security models and approaches
  • Leave with actionable advice and evidence of how to move forward


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Dr. Rajiv Ramaswami Dr. Rajiv Ramaswami View Profile