War By Other Means: How Cyber Technology Shapes Our New Shadow War with Russia

The Keynote Theatre

Thu 27th Sep 08:30 to 09:20

Russia and the US are in an undeclared virtual war.  But it is not a hot war like World War II.  And it is not a Cold War.  Rather, it is something in between, a “shadow war,” in which we do things that once required physical force, but today can be accomplished through less violent but no less effective means.  Unlike the Cold War, this shadow war is being waged without rules, and neither side recognizes how easily it could spiral out of control. 

What you will take away from this session

  • The US-Russian shadow war does not simply pit soldier against soldier and spy versus spy. It inevitably involves civilians and the private sector
  • Because cyber technology provides favors attack over defense, it rewards aggression and fuels feelings of vulnerability
  • Assessing Russian motives in this war is inherently problematic. But without understanding them, we risk unintentionally incentivizing attacks
  • This war cannot be contained by arms control or traditional deterrence. We need new approaches to reducing the likelihood of catastrophe


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