Managing a Hack: Orchestrating Incident Response to Preserve Brand Reputation

The Keynote Theatre

Wed 26th Sep 02:20 to 02:50

Cyber attacks can be devastating - resulting in loss of revenue, interrupted business continuity and significant damages to brand reputation and corporate morale. Incident response is no longer relegated to the IT department and must involve executives across the entire organization – from the board to the marketing department to technical teams.
This session will address the critical tactics involved in communicating a cybersecurity incident to the public - focusing on the orchestration of technical, legal and communications executives. Sandra Fathi, president of Affect, will lead an interactive discussion on the corporate communications challenges that executives face in a cybersecurity incident.

What you will take away from this session

  • Learn how to identify and organize the key stakeholders that should be part of an incident response team
  • Understand best practices for corporate communications during a cyber attack – including pre, during and post incident response tactics
  • Understand how to create a crisis communications plan for cybersecurity incident response – focusing on preserving brand reputation
  • Examine the communication strategies (the wins and the fails) around 2017/18's biggest data breaches


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Sandra Fathi Sandra Fathi View Profile