My Experience Teaching a Simple GDPR Implementation Approach on YouTube

The Keynote Theatre

Wed 26th Sep 03:00 to 03:30

In 2018, Rocio challenged herself to try and come up with a simplified GDPR implementation plan that she can teach online on YouTube. Why? In working with various security and privacy laws/regulations/frameworks, she has experienced first-hand the difficulty in translating requirements into clear and actionable steps. GDPR requires much-needed measures for the responsible management and use of personal data. As a data privacy advocate, she welcomed the measures that provide consumers with choice and transparency over the use of their personal data. As a data security professional, she appreciates the absence of technical jargon and assumption that all organizations are running on an “old-school” IT environment. This is a win for consumers, organizations, and the data privacy industry.

As business and tech leaders decide on their approach for reaching and maintaining GDPR compliance, Rocio provides a simple implementation approach that doesn't conflict with creativity and innovation that rising tech companies are bringing to the table.

What you will take away from this session

  • What is at stake when companies don’t have access to a simple GDPR implementation approach?
  • An overview of Rocio’s “GDPR Stand Up approach”, one that is lean and simple to follow
  • A candid overview of results and learnings along the way from teaching the GDPR Stand Up approach over YouTube
  • roven tips and tactics that you can take back to the office and add to your company’s GDPR program


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