Convince Your Boss

Cyber Security Chicago 2019 is set to be the biggest and most comprehensive cyber security event yet. Whilst we don’t need to tell you that you’ve made a great choice by deciding to attend, your boss may need some convinving.

Below, we’ve provided a Justification Letter Template outlining why Cyber Security Chicago is beneficial to you and your organization. Simply copy and paste this letter into an email and your boss will have a hard time saying no!


Dear <Decision Maker Name>,

I am writing to request your approval for me to attend Cyber Security Chicago 2019, taking place on 25-26 September at McCormick Place.

Cyber Security Chicago will combine world-class content available on the exhibition floor, a strategic C-Suite level keynote conference and invaluable networking opportunities across two days.
They expect 4000 cyber professionals to attend along with 70 industry-leading vendors and 90 expert speakers covering topics such as ransomware, network security, identity & access management, threat intelligence, social engineering and risk & compliance.
I believe that attending will enable me to expand my knowledge, learn new skills, network with security professionals and keep up to date with the latest cyberattacks, trends and technologies in the cyber security market.
It is a unique and innovative offering that differentiates from other events, feel free to have a look at the website for more information
Here’s a quick breakdown of the event:
•    Cyber Security’s Fastest Growing Event Series
•    4,000 Attendees, 60 Vendors, 90 Speakers, 6 On-Floor Content Theaters
•    Attendee features such as a Cyber Hack, Cyber Meetups and Networking Bars

2018 speakers included:
•    Theresa Payton - CEO, Fortalice Solutions
•    George Beebe - Director of Intelligence and National Security  Center for the National Interest
•    Marcin Kleczynski - Founder and CEO Malwarebytes
•    Dr. Rajiv Ramaswami - Chief Operating Officer, Products and Cloud Services VMware
•    Ben Sadeghipour - Hacker Operations Lead HackerOne
•    And many more:
2019 speakers are being announced soon.

With your permission, I’d like to secure a pass to this event. I will update the team when I get back and circulate any ideas or recommendations for discussion, along with a review of the event so you are able to make future decisions on colleague attendance.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to your reply.

Kind Regards,

<Insert Your Name Here>

Director of Intelligence and National Security  Center for the National Interest