18 - 19 OCTOBER 2017 / McCormick Place, Chicago

Cyber Security Chicago Blog

Presentation Preview - No Silver Bullets - Cybersecurity in the Cognitive Era

Wednesday August 16 2017

Doug Lhotka, the leader of the IBM NA Security Architect program, will be speaking at the Cyber Security Chicago. During his session, he will help you answer questions such as “What do we mean by cognitive and machine learning in Security today?”

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Interview: Jenny Radcliffe “The People Hacker”

Wednesday May 31 2017

Jenny Radcliffe, an ambassador for the Cyber Security Event Series coming to Chicago this October, is a lifelong social engineer who uses her psychological expertise in negotiations, non-verbal communication, and deception to coach her clients on security awareness. She regularly speaks at major industry events across the world about the latest news and trends in cybersecurity. 

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Drone Hijacking – Is It Actually a Thing?

Friday May 19 2017

Since the technology debuted, drones have seen a steady growth in popularity. As well as being used by large companies and official bodies, drones are also used by individuals who simply want to experience the excitement of flying such a fun and complex device. There are different ways to use a drone, some people do so with their camera to capture impressive aerial images, whilst others use them to enter areas that would otherwise be unreachable. Regardless of how a drone is used, however, they all have one thing in common - they can be hijacked.

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“Someone Shut Down The Internet” - Could It Happen And What Would Happen?

Friday May 19 2017

Whether you are looking at the Internet from a business perspective or personal point of view, it’s safe to say that it’s well and truly penetrated every aspect of our lives. Communication, entertainment, and research are just three of the many ways the Internet is used every second of every day all around the world.

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To Pay or Not to Pay? – A Guide to Ransomware

Wednesday May 10 2017

If your business has been targeted by cyber criminals it can leave you in a tricky position, do you respond to their requests or risk losing all your vital data? With so much of a business’ operations now being digital, even a simple cyberattack can leave a firm unable to conduct their daily operations causing damage to both their bottom line and reputation. Unfortunately, ransomware is a growing problem in the business world and one that firms need to be prepared to deal with. 

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Why security is for the whole company not just the IT department

Thursday March 30 2017

When it comes to technical issues, it’s sometimes easier to leave it to the experts, but when it comes to cybersecurity, this approach can subject businesses to a huge number of vulnerabilities.

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