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IAM and PIM Stop Hackers at the Gate

Tuesday September 11 2018

Identity and access management tends to be a balancing act for information technology professionals. They want their networks to be secure, but they don’t want to deal with complaints from fellow employees that it is cumbersome and too time-consuming to log on to a network. For example, frequently changed, hard-to-remember passwords might be a hindrance to workers, but they often are crucial for blocking hackers from accessing a network.

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Defense in Depth: Achieving Detection and Response Everywhere

Saturday September 08 2018


Endpoint detection and response (EDR) is still a relatively new technology, dating back only four or five years, but it has changed the way that many organizations investigate and respond to endpoint threats. EDR technologies monitor the endpoint and store forensic data on the endpoint (or in the cloud), including process information, telemetry and other types of data. This new approach allows organizations to see what an attack is, what it did, when it got there, how it got there, and what happened as a result — but only from an endpoint perspective. While EDR has been a game changer for the way that organizations investigate and respond to threats, it fails to deliver full detection and response capabilities.

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Good Insights From The (Almost) Bad Guys

Friday August 31 2018

With more and more data stored online these days, hackers have plenty of reasons to attack company networks to modify or steal data and even hold it for ransom. Cybint Solutions , a cyber security and legal support organization, estimates that a cyber attack happens every 39 seconds. This means that companies and websites are being bombarded by malicious users. It’s easier for information security professionals to thwart these attacks when they are launched head-on from the outside. Unfortunately,  more and more attacks are occurring on the inside through social engineering, which makes them harder to predict and prevent.

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Email Continues To Be The Number One Threat To Organizations Around The World

Wednesday August 29 2018

Why? Because it’s easy for attackers and hard for you.

According to the latest Verizon Data Breach Report,  email breaches have increased to account for 96% of incidents organizations face. Your organization relies on email to be continuously available and accessible, and your users can be too eager to unconsciously help attackers with the simple click of a button. The problem is, attackers have become much smarter over the years and have been continuously honing their email phishing  tactics against organizations like yours.

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GrammaTech Releases CodeSonar 5 With Usability Focus

Wednesday August 29 2018

Software development professionals looking to supercharge their development workflows have a new tool, available today. GrammaTech, a leading provider of software assurance tools and cybersecurity solutions, today announced availability of CodeSonar ®  5 , their latest innovation in advancing static analysis.

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Defending Data in the Cloud

Friday August 24 2018

Cloud computing is one of the hottest trends in IT today. Cloud adoption is at its peak, with 81 percent of cloud-using companies employing a multi-cloud approach and only 5 percent of companies not using any cloud solutions, according to Right Scale. The average company accesses about 5 private and public clouds, which can include AWS (64 percent of companies), Azure (45 percent), Google Cloud (18 percent), IBM Cloud (10 percent), VMware Cloud on AWS (8 percent), Oracle Cloud (6 percent) and Alibaba Cloud (2 percent), according to its “2018 State of the Cloud Report .”

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