The Voices of Vulnerability Disclosure: Look Who’s Talking About VDPs

Wednesday September 12 2018

Vulnerability disclosure policies (VDPs) are critical to reduce risk. The quotes below are compiled from industries in a variety of sectors on how important VDPs have been to help them reduce risk and control what used to be chaotic. To learn more about VDPs, visit HackerOne at Cyber Security Chicago, booth 300.

The attention being given to vulnerability disclosure policies (VDP) in the past year has increased dramatically. It might be the latest high-profile breach that sparks a comment, but more and more, it’s the attitude that VDPs aren’t just nice-to-haves, they’re critical tools for every cyber security team.


From governments to technologists, General Electric to General Motors, and US senators to EU regulators, people are talking about vulnerability disclosure. We’ve pulled together nearly 20 recent quotes and highlighted what’s important. If you need more incentive to kickstart or formalize your own VDP, this will help.


And if you think you’re not going to be asked by someone inside or outside your company to explain your lack of a VDP, skim through these quotes and then think again.


Read the complete set of comments on SlideShare.

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