Exhibitions are crucial to your sales strategy and here is why…

your sales strategy


Exhibitions provide a unique opportunity to build relationships with prospective clients, your first encounter with potential buyers at Cyber Security Chicago will allow you to collect qualified leads, build relationships and make sales.

The main reason for choosing to exhibit? You get more for your money, according to a US study by Exhibit Surveys Inc., the average cost per visitor at a trade show is £120, while the average cost of a field sales call is £195. Leads generated at exhibitions require less effort to close, Exhibit Surveys indicates that only 0.8 calls are necessary to close a trade show sale, compared to 3.7 calls to close a typical business lead.

The same survey states that more than 85% of visitors will be completely new to your business, allowing you to reach more unknown prospects, and 82% of those have buying power. The most obvious reason for exhibiting is facetime; You can gain access to more potential clients in two days than your sales force can in two months and being on the show floor allows you to demonstrate what your products can do.

Raising brand awareness is also crucial to your business and another great benefit of exhibiting. Many of you competitors will be involved in Cyber Security Chicago, don’t allow them to get the competitive edge.

Cyber Security Chicago will combine world class content, available on the exhibition floor with a strategic C-Suite level keynote conference. Visitors from Chicago metropolitan area will attend to source new solutions, keep up to date with cyber security trends and network with the industries finest.

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