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Hitachi ID Systems delivers access governance and identity administration solutions to large and mid-size organizations globally. Hitachi ID solutions are used for streamlining and securing the management of identities, security entitlements and credentials, for both business users and privileged accounts, on-premises and in the cloud.

The Hitachi ID Identity and Access Management Suite is the only fully integrated solution which includes Identity Manager, Group Management, Password Manager and Privileged Access Manager. The Hitachi ID Suite is well known in the marketplace for high scalability, fault tolerance, a pragmatic design and low total cost of ownership (TCO). It is designed to simplify and secure the management of elevated access privileges, user and group lifecycles from onboarding until termination, across most systems and applications.

Hitachi ID Mobile Access allows access to IAM services anytime, anywhere. The pre-configured reference-built Identity Express shortens implementation time and significantly reduces costs.

White paper

Automation First: A Practical Approach to IAM
Implement robust processes to manage identities, entitlements etc. before cleaning up legacy access rights. This halts the growth of inappropriate access. Only then does it make sense to analyze pre-existing users and remediate policy violations.

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