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ProtectWise™ provides Cloud-Delivered Network Detection & Response (NDR). Organizations can achieve defense-in-depth via advanced analytics in Enterprise, Cloud and Industrial environments with real time and retrospective detections. Full-fidelity packet captures, indexed and retained indefinitely, create a perfect, rapidly searchable network memory. By unifying detections and forensics in an intuitive and immersive visualizer, The ProtectWise Grid™ delivers unique advantages over current security products. The platform integrates with hundreds of existing security products, features the ease and cost-savings of an on-demand deployment model and enables companies to consolidate multiple, disconnected point products.

White papers

Network Detection & Response (NDR)
A Cloud-delivered Network Detection & Response (NDR) platform is the evolution of effective IT security. It reliably detects threats and sophisticated attacks, retains full-packet forensics for as long as necessary and enables integrated response.

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A New Approach to Threat Detection
Effective detection and response requires a massive state machine in the cloud that performs a range of threat analysis techniques (e.g., machine learning, intrusion detection, etc.) to accurately identify the security events that matter.

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Motorola Detects Security Events Across Time Using the Cloud
Motorola, a Global Consumer Electronics Leader, use the ProtectWise NDR platform to get more visibility into network activity than what was being provided by their existing detection products in a way that will scale as their network grows.

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