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Spirent Communications (LSE: SPT) is a global leader with deep expertise and decades of experience in testing, assurance, analytics and security - serving developers, service providers, and enterprise networks.

We help bring clarity to increasingly complex technological and business challenges.

Spirent’s customers have made a promise to their customers to deliver superior performance. Spirent assures that those promises are fulfilled.

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White papers

Pentesting: The Required Human Ingenuity to Uncover Security Gaps
A penetration test (or more commonly, “pentest”) is a software, infrastructure and or network attack on your organization by a skilled attack team that probes for security weaknesses and seeks to exploit them to reach your assets.

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Why Real Testing Requires Emulation, Not Just Simulation for Layer 4-7
Testing for the real world is about emulating the entire network, not just individual switches and routers. This includes controlling variables related to Quality of Service (QoS) including latency and packet loss.

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