Jared Phipps

Jared Phipps

Company: SentinelOne

Job Title: VP Worldwide Sales Engineering


Jared has been involved in cybersecurity professionally since 2001, and is passionate not only about technology, but also with effective use of technology to solve real problems. Jared is the Vice President of Worldwide Sales Engineering at SentinelOne, where he gets to use his passion for technology and experience in cybersecurity daily as he advises various prospects and clients through security projects. He spent the prior 6 years leading the sales engineering, processional services and incident response teams at Fidelis Cybersecurity. Prior to joining Fidelis he worked for MITRE supporting NSA Cryptographic Modernization Programs for the United States Air Force. Jared is a veteran of the United States Air Force where he worked in cyber defense and offensive cyber operations.

Jared Phipps Seminars

  • The Cyber Hack with SentinelOne Thu 27th Sep 09:30 - 10:20

    The Cyber Hack with SentinelOne

    Ransomware attacks continue to be popular among cyber criminals looking to compromise unsuspecting corporate networks. And it all happens at the endpoint. In a recent Enterprise Risk Index, fileless attacks rose 94% in the first half of the year, including exponential growth in PowerShell attacks.
    Learn how to defend your businesses where traditional AVs could not. SentinelOne's next-generation AV behavioral engines will help you understand and respond if there is ever a threat.


    Jared Phipps

    Jared Phipps

    Time / Place

    Thu 27th Sep 09:30 to 10:20

    Cyber Hack Theatre