Jon Bottarini

Jon Bottarini

Jon Bottarini

Company: HackerOne

Job Title: Hacker and Technical Program Manager

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Jon Bottarini is security researcher and ethical hacker who has reported security vulnerabilities to organizations like Google, Apple, Yahoo!, the Department of Defense, and many others. When he is not finding security vulnerabilities, Jon serves as a Technical Program Manager for HackerOne, the #1 bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure platform, where he helps organizations globally run successful bug bounty programs and help make the internet more secure. Jon earned a Bachelors of Science in Information Science and Technology from the University of Arizona.

Jon Bottarini Seminars

  • Measuring Security With A Bug Bounty Program - A Hackers Perspective Thu 27th Sep 10:30 - 11:20

    Measuring Security With A Bug Bounty Program - A Hackers Perspective

    In this session, Jon Bottarini, hacker and technical program manager at HackerOne will discuss the key factors influencing relationships between hackers and corporate security teams by unpacking hacker motives, internal security challenges, risks associated with working with hackers, competitive vulnerability pricing, and managing a mutually beneficial transaction.


    Jon Bottarini

    Jon Bottarini

    Time / Place

    Thu 27th Sep 10:30 to 11:20

    Cyber Hack Theatre