Lee Neubecker

Lee Neubecker

Company: Great Lakes Forensics

Job Title: Founder and CEO

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Lee Neubecker is the Founder and CEO of Great Lakes Forensics on the web at https://greatlakesforensics.com Prior to founding Great Lakes Forensics, Neubecker was the Chief Information Officer of HaystackID, a national leading provider of eDiscovery, legal services and managed review services. Before HaystackID, Neubecker launched, grew and sold a successful computer forensics expert witness firm, Forensicon.com.

Neubecker holds the prestigious Certified Information Security Systems Professional credential and has had his testimony accepted and upheld on complex litigation involving the misappropriation of trade secrets litigation matters. Neubecker is a licensed professional investigator in his birth state of Michigan and has led many complex financial, RICO, counterfeiting, data breach and white collar criminal investigations. Neubecker was again named one of the top global experts in Cyber Security and Computer Forensics by Who's Who Legal.  Neubecker has assisted law firms and their clients in responding to suspected data breach matters and has assisted companies with mitigation and response to data breach incidents.
Before starting and growing Forensicon in to a national computer forensics firm, Neubecker oversaw product development and incident response to security events with then leading search engine, Lycos.com. In Neubecker’s role at Lycos, he oversaw product development and hosting initiatives across online interactive products such as chat, games, and various messaging platforms. Neubecker is also an avid malware and cyber security researcher and blogger at https://leeneubecker.com

Lee Neubecker Seminars

  • Hacking the Power Grid, why we should all be concerned about IoT Security Wed 26th Sep 01:00 - 01:30

    Hacking the Power Grid, why we should all be concerned about IoT Security

    Cyber Security and Computer Forensics expert Lee Neubecker from GreatLakesForensics.com will share insights into how rogue hackers could take down the U.S. power grid and cause much damage and mayhem.  Learn how vulnerable IoT devices could be used to take down the power grid.  NotPetya and MadIoT malware and vulnerabilities demonstrate how much at risk the world remains to cyber attacks on the electric grid.  Important information will be shared including an overview of what needs to happen to prevent the next major cyber attack on the power grid from being successful.


    Lee Neubecker

    Lee Neubecker

    Time / Place

    Wed 26th Sep 01:00 to 01:30

    IoT Security Theatre