Peter Chestna

Peter Chestna

Company: CA Technologies

Job Title: DevSecOps Transformation Consultant

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Pete Chestna has more than 25 years of experience developing software and leading development teams, and has been granted three patents. Pete has been developing web applications since 1996, including one of the first applications to be delivered through a web interface. He led his company from Waterfall to Agile, and finally to DevOps in addition to taking the company from a monolithic architecture to one based on microservices. Since 2006, Pete has been a leader in the Application Security (AppSec) space and has consulted with some of the world’s largest companies on their AppSec programs. In addition to his role as a contributing editor at, he now shares his experience by speaking internationally at both security and developer conferences on the topics of AppSec, Agile and DevSecOps. Buy him a whisk(e)y and he’ll tell you all about it.

Peter Chestna Seminars

  • Maginot Line – Common AppSec Anti-Patterns Preventing your Success Thu 27th Sep 11:30 - 12:00

    Maginot Line – Common AppSec Anti-Patterns Preventing your Success

    Is your AppSec program stalled? Is it failing to meet your expectations? You may be victim of some common anti-patterns that are keeping you from reaching your goals.  Are you achieving your goals or meeting your metrics but have a sinking suspicion that your ultimate goal of reducing your company’s risk isn’t being met? As the French learned in WWII, a partial defense is no defense at all. The Maginot Line will serve as our metaphor for failed or suspect AppSec programs.


    Peter Chestna

    Peter Chestna

    Time / Place

    Thu 27th Sep 11:30 to 12:00

    Future Cyber Tech, Application Security & DevOps Theatre