Rocio Baeza

Rocio Baeza

Company: CyberSecurityBase

Job Title: CEO and Founder


Rocio Baeza the CEO and Founder of CyberSecurityBase, a consulting practice that helps rising tech companies get started with information security. There are volumes of data security and privacy laws/regulations, frameworks, and standards, oftentimes overwhelming tech leaders with not knowing where to start, let alone implement foundational items needed to compete in the marketplace. CyberSecurityBase operates with a mission is to simplify security, teach that model, and empower tech leaders.
She studied Mathematics at the University of Chicago. Her professional background includes data analytics, product management, and IT compliance in the private sector. Her previous roles include analyst, consultant, manager, and Chief Security Officer. During this time, Rocio has observed that rising tech companies are in a unique position where they are offering innovative products and services, however, the traditional information security model is an immediate poor fit. This is leaving emerging tech companies AND consumers in a vulnerable position, and Rocio is on a mission to help change that.