Lewis Borsellino

Lewis Borsellino

Company: Defend Edge

Job Title: Director of Business

Lewis J. Borsellino is a highly experienced successful entrepreneur with over 30 years of expertise in the international finance and risk management markets.

Over the course of his 30- year career, Mr. Borsellino has traded the largest and most active markets, including S&P futures and Euro dollars. At one time, Mr. Borsellino accounted for 10 percent of the average trading volume in the S&P contract. In the late 1990s, financial news network CNBC called Mr. Borsellino one of the "biggest and best" traders in S&P futures.

An active member of the CME, he has served on several Exchange committees, including Floor Practices, S&P Study and CFPF. He was also a major partner in International Futures & Options Associates (IFOA), the largest floor broker association at the CME.

A registered Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA), Mr. Borsellino, as CEO of Borsellino Capital Management, LLC, managed and traded client funds. In 1999, he founded a market commentary web site for futures traders, Teach Trade.com, which attracted a loyal following of traders.

Through his trading career, Mr. Borsellino gained a wide following in the financial news media. He was regularly featured by CNN-FN and Bloomberg TV, and also made appearances on CNBC, WebFN and Reuters. The Chicago Tribune, Investor's Business Daily, USA Today, and other publications have profiled him.In addition, Mr. Borsellino is the author of The Day Trader's Course and The Day Trader's Course Workbook, and has written a memoir of his trading career entitled, The Day Trader: From the Pit to the PC. His books have been translated into several foreign languages including Russia and Hungarian.

A guest speaker at several industry conferences, Mr. Borsellino has lectured in the United States and abroad, including Russia. He was featured in a Japanese public television trading special, which also included such market luminaries as George Soros.

In 2015 joined DefendEdge applying predicative modeling algorithms to detect cyber-attacks.  Our team of experts has a breadth of industry experience and in-depth knowledge of cyber security best practices. After a careful assessment, we create the most effective and efficient methodology to help our Clients transform and better protect their IT infrastructure against advanced persistent threats in today’s ever-evolving cyber security landscape.

Mr. Borsellino holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from DePauw University.