26 - 27 SEPTEMBER 2018 / McCormick Place, Chicago

Mark Miller

Mark Miller

Company: Sonatype

Job Title: Senior Storyteller and DevOps Advocate

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Mark Miller speaks and writes extensively on DevOps and Security, hosting panel discussions on tools and processes within the DevOps Software Supply Chain. He actively participates in the DevOps community by building DevOps tracks at security conferences such as RSA Conference, InfoSec Europe, CD Summit, AppSec USA and AppSec EU.
Mark's most recent project is "An Innovator's Journey to DevOps", a series of profiles and podcasts highlighting the next generation of DevOps advocates. He is the Senior Storyteller and DevOps Advocate at Sonatype, managing TheNexus Community Project and is responsible for advocating the DevOps Software Supply Chain.  As well, he is Executive Producer of the OWASP 24/7 Podcast Series, with over 80 episodes and 151,000 listens.
He currently lives in New York City with his wife, two children, two goldfish, one turtle, a hedgehog and one dog. When not dealing with living creatures, Mark likes to build EV3 Lego robots, fly stunt kites on the roof of Pier 40 and dream about the day when he'll be able to command a squadron of flying drones.

Mark Miller Seminars

  • PANEL: The Path from DevOps to DevSecOps Thu 19th Oct 12:20 - 12:50

    PANEL: The Path from DevOps to DevSecOps

    Automated security is a critical part of any DevOps pipeline. In this panel discussion, Shannon Lietz, head of DevSecOps at Inuit and founder of DevSecOps.org, will be talking with John Willis, one of the founding member of DevOpsDays and the coordinator of a global DevSecOps learning initiative. The panel will be hosted by Mark Miller, DevOps Evangelist at Sonatype and co-founder of All Day DevOps, the world's largest DevOps conference. The discussion will center on why you would integrate automated security into your DevOps pipeline and the cultural transformations that will have to happen in order to have your DevSecOps initiative be successful.


    Mark Miller

    Mark Miller

    Time / Place

    Thu 19th Oct 12:20 to 12:50

    Future Cyber Tech, Application Security & DevOps Theatre

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